To support and encourage future occupational safety and health educators and more evidence-based research in the economic and financial analysis of safety-related programs and interventions, the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Foundation, along with Oregon State University (OSU), recently announced the establishment of a new doctoral fellowship program, the “PhD Fellowship for Future Safety Educators”.

Successful candidates to the program must be accepted and enrolled in OSU’s PhD program in public health, concentrating on safety, health and the environment (SH&E). The fellowship recipients will then be given the opportunity to attend OSU tuition-free for three years.

Students applying for the fellowship must have completed a master’s degree in a relevant discipline, with an interest in pursuing a career in safety-related education, to be considered. Accepted candidates who enter the fellowship program will be required to perform a number of research projects focusing on the business and economic analysis of safety. In addition, they will be required to teach at the collegiate level for three years after completing their degree.

“ASSE, the ASSE Foundation and OSU have been working together for several months in order to make this program available to students,” said Anthony T. Veltri, PhD, associate professor of Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) at OSU and fellowship program liaison to ASSE. “It was established to provide financial support to highly qualified applicants desiring to obtain a PhD in occupational safety and health while developing teaching and research competencies and capabilities that put them in a position to pursue a career in higher education. The research conducted by students will be focused on making the business case for occupational safety and health”.

The application deadline for the fellowship is December 1, 2009. The fellowship program will be open to two PhD candidates admitted to OSU’s PhD in public health program, concentrating on environment, safety and health. In addition, applicants must be U.S. citizens and have proof of attendance at a higher education program in the U.S.

Individuals who are interested in donating toward the fellowship program should contact Mary Goranson, ASSE Foundation manager at 847-768-3412.