BioFit Engineered Products, an Ohio-based manufacturer of ergonomic seating solutions, announced in a recent press release that its Intensive Plus line of 500-lb. capacity, continuous-use chairs recently were rated compliant with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) requirements for 24-hour intensive use in severe environments. Compliance was contingent upon sample seating passing a multi-phase GSA evaluation protocol and conducted at an accredited third-party facility. Successfully meeting the GSA standard further supports BioFit in-house testing results, providing additional validation of the Intensive Plus as an alternative to late generation products within the intensive use category across a range of industries.

BioFit voluntarily submitted sample seating to Intertek Testing Laboratories in Kentwood, Michigan, for an objective, third-party evaluation in accordance with GSA FNEW 83-269E, Performance Test Method for Intensive Use Chairs. The protocol included a series of four cyclic durability and load tests of the backrest, seat and tilt mechanism of the chair. Compliance in two back durability and tilt mechanism cyclic tests was granted only if the chair and all pertinent components did not lose serviceability as a result of testing. In the case of the fourth portion of the protocol, the Cyclic Increasing Back Load Test, the acceptance level was achieved when a 175-lb. load level had been completed. The BioFit Intensive Plus chair did not sustain damage during any part of the evaluation protocol, receiving a passing grade in each phase.

“While we were extremely confident in submitting the Intensive Plus for the GSA intensive use evaluation, meeting its strident requirements not only backs up testing conducted by of our engineering division, but gives the Intensive Plus the pedigree needed to instill an even higher level of confidence in those users who are unfamiliar with BioFit and may not have readily considered our entry into the intensive use arena,” stated BioFit Director of Engineering, Jim Frobose.

Liz Sworden, the company’s director of marketing, added: “BioFit has many long-standing relationships with customers in the emergency services, government, and commercial sectors who maintain 24-hour continuous operation centers. With the Intensive Plus line, we’ve brought to bear years of expertise in ergonomics engineering, resulting in a chair with stylish, yet dependable features and functionality to enhance the user experience and help optimize their work performance.”

Featuring a fully contoured profile, the Intensive Plus chair is rated for a 500-lb. capacity, has a 21-inch wide saddle-shaped seat with a waterfall front to ensure even weight distribution, and comes standard with an executive style seat pan control so users can quickly and easily adjust the seat position. The chair’s 20-inch wide backrest is molded to provide lumbar and kidney support, and a polished, 5-point, star-shaped aluminum base affords even more support with 3-inch diameter, dual-wheel casters which are load rated at 165 pounds each. Glides are also available instead of casters, and other options include 4 armrest styles.

For more details on the BioFit Intensive Plus chair, visitwww.biofit.comor call 1-800-597-0246.

Intensive Plus is a trademark of BioFit Engineered Products.