R-V Industries Inc.,an industrial process equipment manufacturer in Honey Brook, Pa., has been awarded Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program status by OSHA, after making changes that resulted in a drastic reduction in workplace injuries among its employees.

The company made the changes after contacting OSHA's On-site Consultation Program to request a review of its safety and health program and to ask for help addressing specific workplace hazards. Following recommendations offered by the consultant who visited R-V's Honeybrook facility, the company took steps to ensure the proper use of personal protective equipment and installed engineering controls to eliminate hazards at their source.

The consultant also worked with R-V's managers and workers to initiate a shift in their workplace safety culture, with a greater commitment to creating and following an effective injury and illness prevention program. In 2002, R-V corporate wide had 41 OSHA recordable injuries and 132 reported injuries. Last year eight injuries were reported among the company's three facilities.