For three years of excellence in its employee safety and health program,NuStar Energy’sCentral West North District facility in Amarillo has been designated a “star” site in OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs.

"NuStar's outstanding efforts at this site include maintaining an injury and illness rate that is more than 70 percent below the national average for its industry," said William A. Burke, OSHA's acting regional administrator in Dallas. "NuStar is an example of what can be accomplished when employees and managers work together to proactively eliminate hazards."

San Antonio-based NuStar stores gasoline and diesel fuel, and loads it onto tanker trucks for transport to clients. Jack Rector, OSHA's area director in El Paso, and Sheila Schulmeyer, an OSHA compliance assistance specialist from the Lubbock District Office, attended the event. Rector presented the company with a flag and plaque.

The Voluntary Protection Programs recognize private and federal worksites with effective safety and health management systems that have maintained injury and illness rates below national Bureau of Labor Statistics averages. Management, labor and OSHA work cooperatively and proactively to prevent fatalities, injuries and illnesses through a system focused on hazard prevention and control, worksite analysis and training. Union support is required for applicant worksites where employees are represented by a bargaining unit. Participating worksites are exempt from OSHA programmed inspections while they maintain their VPP status.