The HML-7LED-3C 21 Watt Handheld LED Spotlight.Larson Electronics’ announced today the addition of the HML-7LED-3C 21 Watt Handheld LED Spotlight with 100 lbs grip magnetic base to its line of 12/24 Volt spotlights. This magnetic mount LED spotlight produces a 650'' long by 50' wide light beam with 1,596 lumens of light while drawing only 24 watts of power @1.7 amps from a 12 volt electrical system. Highly durable and requiring less power to produce the same amount of light as comparable halogen spotlights, this lamp is ideal for law enforcement, security and military applications.

The HML-7LED-3C 21 Watt Handheld LED Spotlight is equipped with seven Edison Edixeon® Emitters containing CREE EZBright® three watt LEDs producing a total of 1,596 lumens of intense light. Capable of operating on any voltage from 9 to 48 Volts DC, this high power comes with a choice of connecting cords including 16 and 25 foot straight cords with cigarette plug, 21 foot straight cord with battery clamps, 16 foot straight cord with battery ring terminals, and a 16 foot coil cord with cigarette plug. The lamp mounts to protective barriers and gun turrets on the military HUMVEE, vehicle roofs, or heavy equipment, with a 100 lbs grip magnetic base that holds the unit in place even under aggressive driving conditions. A heavy gauge steel handle mount and solid reverse pistol grip handle allows the operator to easily maneuver the light while a tensioned steel hinge holds the desired position once released until the operator moves it again. With a housing constructed of extruded aluminum and an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, this unit is designed to withstand rough conditions and handling. IP68 rated waterproof to three meters, this LED spotlight is sealed against intrusion from dust and water and can withstand direct immersion without damage. Based on Magnalight’s popular HML-5M series of spotlights currently used in Escalation of Force Kits, this LED spotlight is designed to perform under the demanding conditions encountered in military operations as well as commercial and industrial applications.

“With the HML-7LED-3C handheld LED light with magnetic base, we configured the optics to create an extremely tight spot beam,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’  “The result is a relatively lightweight, maneuverable handheld spotlight that can be affixed to any ferrous metal surface.  Unlike many handheld LED spotlights, this 12/24VDC light will create a tight circle of light, similar to standard halogen spotlights. However, operators will not have to change this vibration resistant LED bulb in this spotlight for 50,000 hours.”

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