EPLExplosion-proof halogen quad-pod light
The EPL-QP-1X150-100 explosion-proof halogen light portable tower and removable lamp assembly design provides versatile operating options, and a simple halogen lamp provides effective yet economical illumination. Providing 1,500 square feet of work area coverage with 1,520 lumens of light output, this affordable tower light provides reliable illumination and convenient portability in an easy to deploy lighting package. Click here for details.

EPLIndustrial grade mid-size quad-pod light tower  

The durably designed metal halide light tower provides operators with a portable mid-sized tower lighting solution with large scale illuminating capability. Designed with dual metal halide  light heads and a wheeled quad-pod constructed of powder coated steel, the WAL-C-2XM portable light tower provides operators with enough power to illuminate over 90,000 square feet of work area, yet is small enough to be easily broken down and transported by a single operator.
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EPLExplosion-proof LED tripod with removable pedestal lamp   
The EPL-BS-161M-TP1-100 tripod mounted LED light tower with removable pedestal style lamp assembly is versatile and provides high power illumination in a versatile tripod tower design that allows operators to use the unit as a work area light tower or portable pedestal mounted lamp. Producing a total of 10,000 lumens and able to cover 8,000 square feet of workspace, this tripod mounted light tower is designed for easy deployment and light weight. This dual purpose design gives operators a lighting system that is ideal for large work areas, but portable enough for smaller confined spaces.
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