Ozone standard delayedThe Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) is expressing “deep frustration” over President Obama’s decision to delay a new National Air Quality Standard for ground level ozone.

"While we applauded the President's leadership in expanding health care coverage to millions with the Affordable Care Act, we are dismayed that he has wavered on setting ozone standards that prevent illness and death," said Bill McLin, President and CEO of the AAFA.

"This delay affects adults, compromising their ability to work and increasing their need for expensive medical services like emergency room visits, prescription drugs and hospitalizations. Children are exposed to potentially greater vulnerability because their lungs are still developing.”

McLin said that putting a new standard on the back burner would result in increased health care costs which will be shouldered by state governments and businesses that pay for health care.

“While the President asserts that industry is facing regulatory burdens, I say that Americans are burdened by an Administration that lacks the courage to protect their lives, health and personal finances from preventable conditions like asthma."

McLin called on the administration to allow the EPA to follow its mandate and implement the standards within the range recommended by its scientists – and to do it quickly.

“Americans with asthma cannot wait."

To learn more about AAFA's position visit: www.aafa.org.