gkrGKR Industries, Inc., maker of medical/hygienic products, is offering the Hardliner, a disposable, sanitary hat liner that provides a more hygenic hard hat-wearing experience for employees and plant visitors alike.

The Hardliner:

  • Saves the time and money that would be spent sanitizing hard hats.
  • Is easy to use and easy to dispose of.
  • Can help prevent diseases of the hair and scalp.

Just place the Hardliner over the hard hat suspension and you’re ready to go. When it’s soiled, remove it and dispose of it.

Model #82286 is available in packages containing 25 liners or cases containing eight packages for a total of 200 liners.

Call GKR Industries toll-free at: 800-526-7879 or visit www.gkrindustries.com/HardLiner.aspx.