Photo from Graphic Products, Inc.
Arc flash warning

Graphic Products, the world’s leading safety and industrial label printer and supplier, has released new die-cut DuraLabel Outdoor-Durable labels for Arc Flash labeling because dangerous electrical Arc Flash explosions are likely to occur in outdoor locations as frequently, if not more frequently, than at indoor locations. Arc Flash injuries include severe burns which destroy skin tissue and other organs, huge pressure wave blasts that can throw the victim several feet, hearing loss and even death.

Arc flash labels serve four purposes:

  • Convey information about arc flash hazards.
  • Inform people to stay away
  • Help electricians know precautions must be taken when interacting with electrical equipment.
  • Inform workers about personal protection equipment (PPE) should they need to work on or near equipment that represents an arc flash hazard.

These tough labels can take the punishment of UV light and are pre-printed with OSHA/ANSI compliant headers including WARNING, DANGER, CAUTION and NOTICE. The die-cut labels have better outdoor durability because the rounded corners are less likely to peel than the continuous supply.

All of DuraLabel's Arc Flash Labels are specially formatted for printing with the DuraSuite software. Each DuraLabel Printer comes bundled with DuraSuite, making it easy to print professional quality labels with all the required NFPA 70E information.

With more than 50 unique labeling supplies providing the right label material for nearly any type of environment, a full family of printers for every application, a five year vinyl supply warranty, free technical support and satisfied customers throughout the world, DuraLabel and Graphic Products have solved unique problems in the industrial safety arena for more than 40 years.

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