IRONCATThe IRONCAT® line of welding gloves and apparel from West Chester Holdings is designed for the unique heat shielding, dexterity and protection demands of Stick, MIG and TIG welding applications. IRONCAT® welding apparel is available in either leather or IRONTEX® flame resistant cotton. Designed to meet the protection demands of the roughest welding environments, IRONCAT® products are ideal for all welding applications including maintenance repair, steel construction, industrial fabrication, as well as aerospace, piping, tool and die repair applications, sheet metal fabrication, and more. Detailed specifications on each item can be viewed at, while product is available through a nationwide network of safety distributors, welding supply houses, and other specialty retailers.

Stick welding gloves

IRONCAT® gloves for Stick welding are designed with thicker materials to withstand the higher heat generated from this process. The longer length (14-inches) provides better forearm coverage, while welts protect finger seams against sparks and abrasion. Various materials of construction, linings and thumb designs are available to suit particular worker preferences. Split cowhide is available for durability and abrasion resistance, while softer Elk gloves are more resistant to hand fatigue. Cotton linings provide breathability, while foam insulation is available for additional heat resistance. Thumb designs offered include wing thumb for open-handed work, or a straight thumb for better gripping. A reinforced thumb strap increases durability in high wear area.

MIG welding gloves

IRONCAT® MIG welding gloves allow for maximum dexterity with an unlined palm, while foam insulation on back of hand provides increased heat protection. Various lighter weight materials are available including cowhide for durability, goatskin for increased dexterity, deerskin for unparalleled comfort, and pigskin which stays pliable even with increased wear and exposure to moisture. Wing thumb designs for open-handed work are available, as are straight thumb designs for better grip. A reinforced thumb strap increases durability in high wear areas.

TIG welding gloves

Constructed of lighter weight materials, unlined IRONCAT® TIG welding gloves allow for maximum dexterity.  Goatskin is available for durability and comfort, while kidskin offers unmatched dexterity. For softer feel and comfort, deerskin gloves are available. Wing thumb designs for open-handed work are available, with a straight thumb design for better gripping.

Lightweight 9 oz. 100% cotton FR treated IRONTEX™ fabric provides protection from heat, flame, sparks, spatter, slag and spall, as well as electric arc “sunburn.” Various styles for comfort and protection level are available. This specially treated flame resistant cotton will not shrink, melt or drip and it self-extinguishes when exposed to flame. Anodized snaps and rivets prevent arc flashback and oxidation. IRONTEX™ exceeds U.S. industry standards for flame resistance and also meets EN 470-1 & 531. Its flame resistance lasts the life of the garment – with proper care and maintenance this equates to 100 home washings or 50 commercial washings.

Leather apparel

Protective apparel manufactured of A grade leather which is specially treated for heat resistance is also available. Anodized snaps and rivets prevent arc flashback and oxidation. These durable garments include flat fell seams for strength and durability, Kevlar thread and 100% cotton straps.

For over 30 years, West Chester has provided consistent quality at competitive prices, and the IRONCAT® family continues that legacy. Products are available in various styles to suit particular preferences, comfort and desired level of protection from a nationwide network of safety distributors, specialty retailers, welding supply houses, and more. Additional information is available at
“The introduction of the IRONCAT® family marks the culmination of countless hours of research and development with experienced welding protection manufacturers, and real world insight from one of the country’s largest welding operations” said Category Manager Rebekah Stewart. “With a very broad selection, customers can choose gloves with the dexterity, thumb style, comfort, and heat resistance at their desired price point. Customers opting for traditional welding apparel can choose from a core selection of leather garments, while comfort-minded customers have IRONTEX™ options available.”

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