West ChesterFor years, welders have used leather gloves to protect their hands because it provided the greatest protection from heat while remaining flexible in the face of the elements. Now, a new technology on the market brings a non-leather welding glove that surpasses the capabilities of leather.

The newest West Chester Ironcat Silicone Palm TIG Welding Glove is a knitted, form-fitting glove with a silicone-coated, dotted palm. This is a TIG welding glove, and it is also a lightweight and cut-resistant glove that you can wear all day long for everything from welding to moving metals. Plus, it lasts 4x longer than traditional leather TIG gloves. You’ll have to try it to believe that this is the only glove you’ll need all day.

About the glove technology:

Heat- AND Cut-Resistant Fabric

The fabric of these Ironcat Silicone Palm TIG Welding gloves is a proprietary blend that is heat and flame resistant, along with being more comfortable and breathable than leather. The gloves provide comparable or better protection from heat than traditional leather gloves. They also protect hands from cuts, scoring an ANSI Cut A3 rating. That means that welders can use the same gloves to cut metal and weld, without having to change gloves. The wrist is longer than most coated gloves for added protection and comfort and can be tucked into a sleeve.

Dexterous palm and fingers

The palm is coated with a flame-resistant silicone that is thinner and more dexterous than leather for a better feel for the wire. Dots on the palm and fingers help with grip, but not on the fingertips so that you can still feed wire smoothly.

Last 4x longer than leather

In addition, abrasion testing from a third-party testing facility shows that these Ironcat Silicone Palm TIG Welding gloves last 4x longer than traditional leather gloves. That means that welders don’t have to buy gloves as often, saving both time and money.

Field tested

Prior to launch, West Chester took the new Ironcat Silicone Palm TIG Glove into welding shops and factories for field testing. Some comments from welders who field tested the gloves were:

“It’s almost like using your bare hands. You have better control, and a better feel. It’s great for delicate TIG work.”

“No matter what I was doing, wrenching on stuff, setting up pipe, or TIG welding, I didn’t take them off.”

"With leather gloves, the seams fall apart. There aren't any seams here to fall apart."

"Leather gloves stay hotter longer, and can burn your fingers. The silicone on this glove cools off quicker."

Where you can buy the Ironcat Silicone Palm TIG Gloves

West Chester Ironcat Silicone Palm TIG Gloves will be available through distributors and industrial supply stores across the United States. To find a supplier near you, call 800.647.1900. For more details about the West Chester Ironcat Silicone Palm TIG Glove, go to http://www.westchesterprotects.com/product/6100

About West Chester Protective Gear:

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