OSHALast December’s collapse of a casino parking garage in downtown Cleveland has resulted in a half dozen violations against Cleveland Cement Contractors Inc. The company was cited failure to: to properly design, construct and maintain concrete forming and shoring systems; to avoid eccentric loading of shoring stringers; secure shoring stringers to shoring heads as needed; adequately inspect forming and shoring prior to and during concrete placement; guard all exposed protruding reinforcing steel and ensure that workers use face protection while operating a pneumatic hose.

Proposed fines total $38,000.

Several workers suffered sprains and strains during the Dec. 16 incident, in which the casino’s second floor parking garage partially collapsed during concrete placement.

"Contractors are responsible for knowing and following recognized construction standards, and ensuring that all proper precautions are taken on job sites to prevent workers from being injured," said Howard Eberts, OSHA's area director in Cleveland.

Cleveland Cement Contractors Inc. specializes in the construction of parking garages and other cast-in-place concrete structures.