smart phoneThe American Industrial Hygiene Association® (AIHA) has developed a mobile application (app) that allows professional industrial hygienists to use common formulas and conversions on their mobile device and calculate the results in a timely and efficient manner. The IH Calculator App is available for use on iOS (Apple) mobile devices, cell phones and tablets.

The new app was developed by a group of AIHA volunteers in partnership with Arizona State University Ira Fulton School of Computing and Informatics Decision Systems Engineering. The project provides ASU students a learning opportunity in which they apply their technical skill and knowledge of engineering principles to the development of a complex, team-oriented software project, system or device.

AIHA member Michael Ochs, CIH, led the project and development team. The ASU students who participated in the app development are Nathaniel Duemler; Grant Freese; Dave Hubbard; Jared Kraemer; Beejal Shah; Marthony Taguinod; and Kyle Wright.

The app can be downloaded at For more information on the IH Calculator App, please contact Craig Sorrell at