Industrial Scientific Corporation, the global leader in Gas Detection as a Service, today announced it has joined the Campbell Institute as a Charter Member. The Campbell Institute is the center of excellence for environmental, health and safety (EHS) at the National Safety Council and was launched last month at the NSC 2012 Congress & Expo.

The Campbell Institute is founded on the belief that excellence in EHS is essential to business sustainability and intrinsic to operational success. The Institute is the natural progression of the international Robert W. Campbell Award. It gathers and amplifies the collective experience and knowledge of both the winners of this prestigious EHS award and of other world-class organizations.

Industrial Scientific joins 17 other leading companies in the Institute that use safety as a transformational strategy to improve quality, productivity and overall performance. Through the Campbell Institute, they provide EHS thought leadership and share practical tools that can be used in workplaces worldwide to keep people safer and enable them to be more productive.

“Industrial Scientific is honored to join such an elite group. We’re excited to benchmark with the best,” said Kent McElhattan, chairman of Industrial Scientific as well as chairman of the National Safety Council. “Joining the Campbell Institute is one of the best things we could do to deliver our vision of eliminating death on the job by the end of this century. We’re delighted to connect with other like-minded organizations in a worldwide movement that will make death on the job a thing of the past.”

The National Safety Council was founded in 1913 and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1953. It is a non-profit, international public service organization committed to preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the roads, through leadership, research, education and advocacy.

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About Industrial Scientific Corporation

Industrial Scientific Corporation is the world’s leading provider of Gas Detection as a Service. With more than 925 people working in 22 countries, Industrial Scientific is dedicated to eliminating death in the workplace by the end of this century. Achieving this goal requires dedication to delivering highest quality and best customer service in all transactions. Industrial Scientific also focuses on providing analysis of data from equipment use and maintenance to identify problems before they happen. Industrial Scientific has operations based in Pittsburgh (USA), Arras (France), Dortmund (Germany) and Shanghai (China). The company provides technical services to customers from local service centers around the world, and has additional offices in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, Panama, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Industrial Scientific is the parent company to Oldham ( and Predictive Solutions Corporation ( For more information, visit