Top Products of the WeekFrom a new system to hold prescription lens in safety glasses to industrial gas detectors that only have to be calibrated once a year to impact protection gloves, here are the top products of the week as featured on

Southern Glove introduces its new Mud Dawg invert mud glove

Industrial glove manufacturer Southern Glove has announced that it has introduced a new glove, called the Mud Dawg™. The Mud Dawg is for use where oil drilling exposes the skin to mud and petrochemicals.

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CFL Premium Bulb Eater wins BOM Top Product award

Air Cycle is proud to announce that the CFL Premium Bulb Eater® has been awarded a Building Operating and Management (BOM) Top Products award for 2013!

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Wiley X, Inc. launches new Rx Rim System, expanding prescription lens options for its popular Climate Control WX Echo and WX Gravity glasses

Rx Rim brings Wiley X's ANSI-safety rated vision protection to broad new audience

Wiley X®, Inc. has launched its innovative Rx Rim System for 2013, expanding prescription lens ranges for its popular Climate Control™ WX Echo and WX Gravity sunglass models and bringing Wiley X's battlefield-proven, ANSI-safety rated vision protection to a broad new audience.

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Sierra Monitor intelligent carbon dioxide industrial gas detectors

Calibration required only every 12 months

The new Sierra Monitor Intelligent Carbon Dioxide Gas Detectors utilize IR sensor technology to provide the user with more than just another CO2 gas sensor. This network-enabled gas detector includes:

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3M introduces new series of cutting edge protective eyewear

Breakthrough technology enhances comfort and wearability of protective eyewear

3M’s newest line of safety eyewear, 3M™ SecureFit™ Protective Eyewear, enhances comfort and wearability by seamlessly integrating self-adjusting temples and a secure fit into a single product.

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New Taeki5 Impact Protection Glove

QS Safety is proud to introduce a new impact protection features to its range of high performance Taeki5® protective gloves. High mechanical and heat protection combined with high dexterity and Impact protection is offering you the highest protection level for the toughest application.

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Larson Electronics announces release of telescoping boiler light tower with folding boom

Larson Electronics has announced the release of a boiler inspection light with folding boom designed to provide versatile deployment capabilities and high output illumination. The WALBL-2X1000WMH Boiler Light features a right angle extension arm, wheeled base, and a pair of 1000 watt metal halide lamps for effective illumination during the servicing and maintenance of boilers and tanks.

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Anti-fog inserts for north 5400-7600 series now available from InVision

From the inventor of the original fog city fog shield, a new range of premium vision-enhancing industrial safety and tactical products

Anti-Fog Inserts for NORTH 5400-7600 series respirators are now available exclusively from Maric Performance LLC and its new line of vision enhancing visor inserts—InVision®.

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