Larson Electronics' telescoping boiler light tower with folding boomLarson Electronics has announced the release of a boiler inspection light with folding boom designed to provide versatile deployment capabilities and high output illumination. The WALBL-2X1000WMH Boiler Light features a right angle extension arm, wheeled base, and a pair of 1000 watt metal halide lamps for effective illumination during the servicing and maintenance of boilers and tanks.  

The WALBL-2X1000WMH boiler light from Larson Electronic produces 220,000 lumens of light output in a wide flood pattern and features an easy to deploy wheeled tower with folding boom. This is a very maneuverable lighting system designed to allow operators to easily position the assembly in order to illuminate the interiors of boiler units with maximum effectiveness. Features on this boiler light include a heavy wheeled base with four lockable steel wheels designed to allow rolling over uneven surfaces and steel floor grates, and an extendable tower arm that can be adjusted vertically or angled to fit inside most boiler access doors. The folding light boom is designed to allow operators to tilt the boom at a variety of angles and lock it into place so they may then extend the boom through the boiler access door to illuminate the area below. The telescoping arm can be shortened or lengthened as well as angled, and an extra support leg on the boom provides added stability when the boom is fully extended. The light tower and base assembly is constructed of heavy gauge steel that has been powder coated for a durable corrosion resistant finish, and the base features four wheels which can be locked in place once the unit is positioned. The heavy duty lamp ballasts are mounted to the base platform to provide added stability and operate with common 120-277 VAC electrical current. The dual metal halide lamps are 1,000 watt units that produce 110,000 lumens of light output each for a total of 220,000 lumens. Each lamp features a spun aluminum reflector assembly and heavy duty ceramic socket base with a tempered glass lens. The lamps are mounted to the boom with a single mounting arm and trunnion style brackets that allow vertical adjustment, and the entire lamp and bracket assembly can be removed from the boom for transport. Larson Electronics also offers added options for this tower including tower eyelets for connecting safety cables to provide added support if desired and an assortment of lamp types and wattages including high output LED fixtures. These industrial grade boiler lights can be used in a wide variety of applications including construction or event illumination and can serve as effective light towers as well as boiler inspection lighting.

“The WALBL-2X1000WMH metal halide lighting system is ideal for lateral penetration of doorways on boilers or other vessels requiring bright illumination for inspection,” exclaimed Rob Bresnahan with  “The light heads are designed so that they can be adjusted to shimmy through a man-way and then extend, once inside the boiler, for maximum illumination.  Any manufacturing facility’s maintenance staff that doesn’t have one of these in their inventory needs to inquire about this portable light tower tomorrow!”

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