Ergodyne launches new strap-on heel ice traction device

Ergodyne announced today the addition of a new ice traction device to the TREX™ Footwear Accessories line. The TREX™ 6315 Strap-On Heel Ice Traction Device will be available January 2013…Read More

NEW! North® CF1000 Continuous Flow Supplied Air Respirator (CF-SAR)

Honeywell Safety Products is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the NEW CF1000 Series Continuous Flow Supplied Air Respirator (CF-SAR)…Read More

Revolutionary Honeywell Eyelation™ Program Makes Prescription Safety Eyewear

Automated System Featuring End-User Kiosks, Accurate Fit Technology and Virtual Try-On Delivers Exceptional Value to Safety and HR Professionals…Read More

Honeywell Safety Products Unveils Uvex Pheos™ Safety Eyewear

Today, Honeywell Safety Products unveiled Uvex Pheos safety eyewear, which combines streamlined styling with technologically advanced materials to deliver high-performance protection…Read More

Explosion proof LED flashlight from Larson Electronics' LLC Magnalight

The Magnalight EXP-LED-F4W intrinsically safe LED flashlight has a 4 watt LED that produces a very tight, well focused pencil beam of light. Unlike many LED flashlights which produce a wide beam spread, this unit produces a tight round spot beam with clearly defined edges, giving it excellent range and intensity…Read More

Impact Gloves from Southern Glove approved for ExxonMobil drilling contractors

Two of Southern Glove Inc.’s innovative impact gloves have been approved for use by ExxonMobil drilling contractors. The two gloves, Arma Tuff and Sarco Impact Glove, help prevent hand and finger injuries from pinch points and crushing blows in harsh oilfield environments…Read More