Neenah, WI – J. J. Keller’s New Ultimate HPC: Forklifts training program teaches important hazard perception skills, then uses interactive learning to show how they can be applied in everyday workplace settings. It’s ideal for helping to fulfill OSHA’s classroom and practical training requirements of 29 CFR
1910.178 (I).Ultimate HPC: Forklifts

The intense, fast-paced program encourages forklift operators to be diligent at all times. Real-life scenarios help them visualize the challenges they’ll face and demonstrate correct behavior. Unique camera angles show hazardous situations from both operator and bystander perspectives. Suitable for both beginning and experienced operators.

The DVD–based program features three segments, each representing an escalating level of perception difficulty: basic, intermediate and advanced. With each level, hazards multiply and become more complex. Trainees learn basic hazard perception skills, then build on those skills to advance through the higher levels.

The program addresses the most common hazards identified by OSHA, including:

  • The stability triangle
  • Pedestrians and coworkers in the workplace
  • Traveling on ramps, with or without a load
  • Backing
  • Corners and intersections
  • Railroad tracks
  • Staying within the forklift’s protective frame
  • Avoiding under-riding
  • Traveling with or without a load.

“Workplace hazards continue to increase, so we updated our popular forklift training to include even more dangers, as well as distractions like cell phones,”
observed Suzanne Ihrig, Senior Product Development Specialist at J. J. Keller. “This program uses new techniques that put viewers right in the middle of the action, in realistic everyday scenarios. It allows operators to prepare for potentially dangerous workplace hazard situations in a safe setting.”

Training Program components include a close-captioned DVD video, trainer guide, trainer tools CD-ROM with ready-to-use materials (including a
PowerPoint® presentation), 10 video scenario answer forms, 10 forklift operator quick reference cards and one 3-Point Contact Label (additional trainer guides, answer forms, quick reference cards, and 3-point contact labels available separately). The program is available by calling 800-327-6868 and
referencing Promo Code 101192, or by visiting

In addition to the DVD format, Ultimate HPC: Forklifts is available on J. J. Keller’s Training On Demand website as a Pay Per
View/Video on Demand program. Ultimate HPC: Forklifts will be offered as a three-part interactive online series; purchasers can choose the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced training program.

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