Web ExclusiveBack, leg, and foot pain in the workplace are often the result of standing in one place for long periods of time. This type of pain costs U.S. employers and the U.S economy billions of dollars in lost production and worker productivity, as well as in workers compensation, every year.

To combat these losses, many employers now install anti-fatigue matting systems in the workplace. By providing the right balance of comfort, bounce, and responsiveness, these mats reduce stress and leg fatigue and promote blood circulation, keeping the lower parts of the body healthy.

However, selecting the right anti-fatigue mat for your location can be difficult.

The following are suggestions provided by Crown Mats and Matting to help make the process a bit easier:

● Select an anti-fatigue mat designed for your type of facility; manufacturers now design anti-fatigue mats specifically for installation in dry, wet, or oily locations.

● Do not select a mat that is too hard or too soft; these mats can actually result in more aches and pains over time.

● Look for mats made from what are often termed “high energized,” sponge-like materials; these provide more resiliency and ergonomic support.

● Compare different mats. Observe how long the different products  take to return to their original shape after someone steps on the mat. If the mat rebounds too slowly, it may not provide the comfort and responsiveness necessary to prevent back, leg, and foot pain.

Some anti-fatigue mats contain anti-static properties; these products can enhance safety in environment where workers will be using any type of electronic equipment.

● Anti-fatigue mats that are also chemical- and slip-resistant offer enhanced safety features for certain types of locations as well.

● Make sure the mat’s backing keeps it secured to the floor.

“Finally, check the warranty,” says Dennis Knapp, director of sales for Crown Mats and Matting. “While they may be a bit more expensive, in virtually all situations, mats with a longer warranty are better made, more durable, last longer, and perform better.”