Today's NewsThe co-owner of a small tree service company in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania, was not wearing his safety equipment when he fell to his death July 11 while trimming trees, according to his partner in the business.

Local news sources said Christian Thomas, who was not present at the time of the accident, did not know why 37-year-old Guy Burgess was not wearing a safety harness with a strap connected to the boom of the articulating boom truck, or “bucket truck” that Burgess was in.

The death was one of two work-related accidents in the small town in recent days.

In the other incident, a roofing accident on June 29 left an 18-year-old with life threatening injuries. Tyler Luchey, who was working for his father’s business, may have struck a high tension electrical wire with a roofing tool. He was electrocuted and thrown 30 feet to the ground below.

Sources say Luchey sustained multiple broken bones and has burns covering 40 percent of his body.

Both accidents are being investigated by OSHA, which has six months to complete its inquiries.