Product InnovationsTo dispel confusion over the changing GHS standards and provide handy reference to those in the industry, Graphic Products, Inc. released a GHS infographic which may be printed and used as a wall chart or posted and shared on websites or forums.

The GHS goal is to unify hazardous material classification standards worldwide to enhance protection of human health and environmental awareness. This GHS infographic illustrates the chemical symbols found in GHS and explains how chemicals are labeled and classified across the globe.

Key elements of the colorful artwork address:

  • Estimated costs for implementing GHS
  • Estimated number of fatalities prevented
  • Impact on countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and the European Union

To view and embed the infographic on your own website, visit Other infographics in the Graphic Products library include Arc Flash Boundary, OSHA Workplace Safety, Deadliest U.S. Jobs & Cities, 6S System, Pipe Marking, and NFPA Fire Safety.

Infographics are a popular way of simplifying complex data. They're in widespread use by USA Today for snapshots of social, economic and geographic fluctuations, metropolitan area transit systems to help commuters navigate confusing subway lines and textbooks to accompany scientific data. What all have in common is impact, imagery and information – whether they incorporate tables, oval pie charts, diagrams, flow charts, graphs, drawings, unusual fonts, symbols or other design elements.

Graphic Products, Inc. has developed an expertise in workplace safety through its 40+ year track record manufacturing industrial labeling systems for mines, factories, distribution centers and mechanical contractors who deal with the dangers of arc flash and compliance with OSHA.

Over the past two years, Graphic Products, Inc. has expanded its workplace safety library to include:

  • Lean manufacturing, hazardous label, workplace safety, food processing and confined space and OSHA safety best practice guides
  • Pipe marking, 5S and arc flash webinars
  • Short, instructional videos about visual communications for the mining industry, cable and wire marking, applying labels to oily surfaces and creating wayfinding labels

Graphic Products manufactures a broad spectrum of industrial labeling equipment for global companies such as, Boeing, Intel and Toyota. International distributors include Compliedin Australia, Rebo Systems in the Netherlands and Aspercon in South Africa. With more than 50 types of labeling supplies, Graphic Products, Inc. helps companies solve communication problems in the toughest industrial environments.

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