Yo, Mr White! We need beakers, respirators...  

Hazardous Location Lights is what Jesse meant to say.

Outside the lab, safety was not a concern for Heisenberg, but Walter White maintained a safety first attitude in his manufacturing environments. 

Lesson 1: If you are dealing with flammable chemicals, keep your environment from going up in flames. The EPL-16C-1MLED portable LED cart light has a removable light head measuring 16 inches in diameter which allows the unit to fit through the standard sized manholes or entry passages (or RV doorways). It produces 10,000 lumens of light while drawing only 150 watts.  

The EXP-LED-HL-X2 is an intrinsically safe headlight that produces a brilliant flood or spot pattern of light that is ideal for illuminating small hazardous areas. It has an illumination time of 18 hours on three AA batteries. Attached to the head or helmet, this light goes where the operator goes, whether it is a storage tank, fumigation tent or moving rail car.  

Lesson 2: Be comfortable in any work environment - Choosing LED lighting, like the EPL-16BS-1X150LED-100 instead of high heat output halogen or metal halide lighting for less heat in the workspace. LED explosion proof lights would have allowed Walt and Jesse to wear their yellow haz-mat suites in cool comfort while toiling away supposedly de-bugging infested homes.

Lesson 3: Keep your fat stacks well hidden - If you need to light up a large area to bury your fat stacks, our mini light towers (WAL-ML-3XM-3G) will produce nearly as much light as a tow-able light tower, but still breaks down to fit into an SUV, pickup or banged up Pontiac Aztek. Adjustable from 7 to 12 feet in height and equipped with a 3000VA generator and three 1000 watt metal halide lamps, this unit will provide over 300,000 lumens of illumination for up to 9 hours on a single tank of fuel.

Lesson 4: It's not over 'til I say it's over! Maybe you don't need a wireless, remote controlled machine gun on your vehicle to sort things out, but a wireless, remote controlled spotlight might work well for security or keeping an eye on things around you. The GL-3051H-M will do just that. This 35 watt HID remote controlled spotlight has a beam capable of reaching distances over 5,000 feet in length. It is magnetically mounted and is shipped with a 16 foot coil cord with a cigarette plug.

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