We are pleased to announce that Atlas Sales & Rentals has expanded our national accounts program to meet the growing demand for portable heating and air conditioning equipment among multi-location commercial, industrial and retail customers. We now have in place a larger management team, sales/technical staff, and order processing group all dedicated to national account customers.

When Atlas launched our national account program five years ago, we were the first in the portable cooling industry to do so and we remain the leader today. For organizations with multiple stores, offices or plants, we offer a fully integrated program that includes:

  • A single point of contact for all service needs.
  • Free in-depth audits.
  • Flexibility to accommodate customers’ ordering systems, including web-based programming, for simplified order processing.
  • Uniform pricing at highly competitive rates.

Atlas is an approved vendor of web-based integrated facility support providers such as ServiceChannel and FacilitySource. We keep a full inventory of portable cooling and heating products at each of our 30 locations around the country. Every office is company-owned and staffed for single-source accountability.

For more information, visit the National Accounts section of our web site or call our special National Accounts hotline: 800-838-5530

Even if you are not a candidate for our National Accounts program, Atlas is on call “24/7” to address your primary, supplemental or emergency cooling or heating challenges. If you would like to know more, email us today or call us toll-free at 1-800-972-6600. Your call will automatically be routed to your nearest Atlas Sales and Rentals office.