public hearingHello to all,

ISHN magazine is searching for examples, case studies, of creative safety in action.

These are to be short, 500 words or less, anecdotes of safety campaigns, training activities, practices that reduced injuries, practices that increased employee engagement in safety, practices that got senior leaders more engaged in safety.

Really any and all areas of safety and health that use the creativity of employees, safety and health pros, supervisors, senior leaders to improve processes such as incident investigations, incentive programs, near miss reporting, incident reporting, exposure reductions, better PPE compliance, health and wellness, off the job safety and ideas and solutions the editors aren’t even thinking of.

If you’ve got such a story, or if you’re a consultant and have a story involving a client, we’d love to hear from you. We are putting more of an editorial emphasis on instructional learning and best practices. Please spread the word that ISHN is on the lookout for best practices in creative safety, and have anyone contact me, Dave Johnson, at, or call 610-666-0261.

There is no deadline. This is now an ongoing editorial activity of ISHN. If you have a story to share, and time to write, please send it direct to me.(And it can exceed 500 word if you’re so moved). If you wish to discuss it first, that’s fine.

Thanks once more for your insight, input and involvement with ISHN.