Juba glove style 4406At SICUR 2014 (25-28 February 2014 in Madrid, Spain), Juba PPE, a leading designer and manufacturer of workwear solutions, will be launching its latest glove which incorporates Dyneema® Diamond Technology. Designed for handling small parts in dry as well as wet and/or oily environments, the glove style 4406 was developed specifically for use in the Automotive Industry and for applications requiring very good dexterity with cool feel and level 3 cut resistance according EN388.

The 4406 glove is made with DSM’s innovation platform Dyneema® Diamond Technology. The key feature of this technology is that it is twice as thin as regular yarn normally used in cut Level 3 gloves. This enables the finest knitting structure possible for seamless knitted cut resistant gloves with a level 3, resulting in exceptional dexterity and tactility combined with light weight, making the glove easy to wear with less fatigue.

The 4406 glove combines Dyneema® Diamond Technology yarn with Nylon and Spandex and coated in the palm with a double coating of foam Nitrile, which is Dimethylformamide (DMF) free unlike existing gloves made with a solvent base PU coating. Moreover, Nitrile has a better grip than PU in oily environment. The glove can be washed‎ and keep the same performance.

Introducing the new 4406 glove, Iñigo De Argumosa, Director Sales & Marketing at Juba PPE, said: “This is the second glove in which we have used Dyneema® Diamond Technology. Following our first, style 4408 which offered cut level 5, we now plan to add a full range of the finest knitted cut resistant gloves, with the new style 4406 as the first in the series.”

At SICUR, Juba will also launch two other styles, 4403 HC and 4425, both manufactured with Dyneema® fiber.

About Dyneema® Diamond Technology 

Dyneema® Diamond Technology offers the most comfortable and lightest solution for extreme cut resistance. This state-of-the-art technology is pushing forward the properties of cut resistance in a lightweight and ‘natural feeling’ fiber. Applying Dyneema® Diamond Technology in a lightweight elasticised glove can boost cut performance levels up to EN388 Level 5, without the use of glass fiber or steel wire. It requires no compromise on comfort, tactility and weight of the glove, while providing significantly higher cut resistant performance, and better durability - especially compared to aramid based gloves. By fulfilling end user demand for more dexterous and comfortable hand protection Dyneema® Diamond Technology has the potential to become the new standard in cut protection.