The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) has published an illustrative example of exposure scenarios (ESs) for a hypothetical hazardous substance to be annexed to a safety data sheet. The main objective of the publication is to promote ways of efficiently communicating on the safe use of chemicals down the supply chain.

The new publication is organised in three parts. In part one, there is an overview of the format for the ESs to be annexed to the safety data sheet, advice regarding the selection of standard phrases and how this was done in the illustrative example. It also includes general points to consider when preparing such exposure scenarios. The illustrative example of exposure scenarios is contained in the second part of the publication, which also explains how to extract information from a chemical safety report and how to report it in the ES. Part three of the publication contains the Chesar 2.3 file from which the exposure scenarios have been generated.

Finally, to complement the example, three annotated templates are published; one each for an industrial, professional and consumer use of a substance. The annotations will help downstream users understand the information they can expect in the exposure scenarios. Registrants may also find them useful when building their exposure scenarios for communication.

The publication of the illustrative example is part of the CSR/ES Roadmap; the example provided is derived from the "Illustrative example of chemical safety report" published on ECHA's website in May 2012.