In a new video, AIHA Treasurer Cynthia A. Ostrowski, CIH, discusses the 40th anniversary of AIHA Laboratory Accreditation Programs, LLC (AIHA-LAP). AIHA-LAP had a special display booth at the AIHA Fall Conference to mark this significant milestone. Additionally, the Monday Welcome Reception featured cake and remarks by Cheryl O. Morton, managing director of AIHA-LAP, honoring and recognizing those labs with 40 years of accreditation.

Morton presented a session on Monday afternoon titled “Sound Data - Smart Decisions: 40 Years of Supporting IH Practice,” which examined the history and strategic directions of AIHA-LAP. Attendees also learned more about the international system of laboratory accreditation and how it is the best approach for regulators (from the U.S. and around the world) to have confidence in test data from third-party testing laboratories.

AIHA-LAP’s new infographic highlights major achievements and important events throughout the program’s 40-year history and includes a snapshot of accredited laboratories around the world.