I've heard many safety professionals proudly declare that - "I'm not the Safety Police!"

But what's wrong with being the Safety Police?

• Police's mere presence on the road is a visual reminder to follow safe driving rules. People never drive more safely than they are near a patrol car. What's wrong with that?

• If a police officer pulls you over they will explain your violation and remind you why following prescribed driving safety rules are a benefit to all drivers. Often a verbal or written "warning" is the only action taken. What's wrong with that?

• If an accident does occur, the police officer is immediately on the scene rendering life-saving assistance. What's wrong with that?

Like police, the safety professional is a visual reminder of workplace safety, a coach who corrects unsafe behavior, and a medical aid facilitator who helps injured workers.

What's wrong with that?

I'm proud that my son's a policeman. We sometimes debate who saves more lives - him or me the safety guy!

So I ask you - what's wrong with being the safety police?"