I definitely don't understand why ISHN is giving a platform to special interests and assuming the very worst among Republican politicians as if the sky is falling and now more workers will die or get injured. The amount of fraud, waste, and abuse is not limited to organizations other than OSHA, EPA, NIOSH, etc. Just as the average American needs to cut back and make tough financial decisions, our government needs to even more so. Doing more with less has been what the average American worker has had to do for decades and even more since the last Presidential election.

Before we freak out, let's see what the results will be. Reading the article about Elizabeth Grossman and her blog on ISHN was an embarrassment and chock full of hyperbole and unfair criticism. Although I agree OSHA deserves some sympathy in the budget arena, the EPA budget ballooned absurdly thanks to Obama and anyone in the environmental arena knows that is one department that could use more cuts than gains.

I would just advocate a wait-and-see approach. In this economy, the government HAS to reduce spending in every possible way or there will BE no OSHA or EPA - at least not resembling anything like what we have today.

Posted by Rex B