Why must everything become political? Why must ISHN spew venomous poison like this article? (“Heated Regulatory Rhetoric Signifying… Not Much – posted by ISHN Editor Dave Johnson Feb. 23) If I need political rant I can tune in to the media.

Why start now? ISHN missed writing about MSHA pistol-whipping the mining industry, s-minor act industry repercussions, and the buried final report on the Sago Mine Accident. ISHN missed the fact that there has never been a greater amount of incompetence among OSHA and MSHA inspectors. How about illegal rulemaking by MSHA? Want a copy?

I find that ISHN is too blinded with the perspective of government regulators and fails to recognize what is happening on American Jobsites. Only if you knew what is really going on with your beloved enforcement agencies.

Posted by Matt H