ISHMA recent email to Larry Curtis, CSHM, Executive Director of the Institute for Safety and Health Management, expressed the value of certifications in the safety profession:

“I wanted to express my appreciation to you and all of the folks connected with ISHM that have moved forward to advance the qualifications of those seeking the CSHM (Certified Safety and health manager).

“Before seeking the credential, I was a very well-rounded safety manager with a master's degree in OSH/EM and a solid working knowledge of directives applicable to my sector, so I considered myself pretty well versed.

“The last few months of studying however, reminds me of just how much we tend to forget when we don't use it consistently, or hadn't learned sufficiently. So I found myself exploring a wide variety of resources over a long period of time on a number of occasions. This has been a real eye opener and a reminder that we cannot afford to be idle, or get so caught up in the daily grind of "doing" that we miss the opportunities to continue "growing".

“There's just so much to know in our profession that it becomes easy to get pigeonholed, even when we're trying to keep abreast through professional associations and publications. Requirements to maintain currency through COC (Continuance of Certification) credits will certainly keep me motivated to expand my focus to a wider range of issues in our profession.

“I'm confident that adding this credential to my resume will make it more appealing in this tough economy, and that my studies will prove of significant value both in interviewing and on the job, once I've obtained the right position.”   

Thanks Again,

Patrick C. White, CSHM

Note: Visit the Institute for Safety and Health Management’s website at ISHM also offers an Associate Safety Health Manager certification.

The ASHM serves to let potential and current employers know that these individuals have been formally educated to address workplace safety and health issues or are ready to step into entry level positions in safety management. The ASHM designation is an important stepping stone to the accredited Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM) certification.

Individuals who receive the ASHM designation have a period of six years to pass the CSHM examination.

According to ISHM’s annual report, the passing rate for all applicants who took the CSHM exam is 64.8 per cent. In 2011 ISHM added 72 CSHMs and 146 ASHMs.