ISHN Guest BlogYears ago, I learned a technique that helped people learn more effectively.

It is based upon the premise if you learn something in a particular physiological position and state of mind you will be able to remember it much easier in the same physical position and emotional state.

In my work with the Boy Scouts, I used this technique to help some of our scouts pass their driver’s license test. One scout had taken the test twice and did not want to fail again. To help him, I pointed out in California you take the written test standing at a small counter and fill out the test sheet. Up until then, he had been studying for the test on his bed, the sofa in the living room or some other situation. I told him to read the drivers manual one more time and this time do it while standing at a counter. He did and the next week passed with flying colors.
Tailgate meetings, and job site safety briefings are so powerful because of this phenomenon.

When you discuss the specific safety issues at the site of the work to be done, they are learning in the same location they will be using the information. 

The challenge is often times these briefings are not looked on with the value they deserve. Make sure the people you have conducting them realize the positive impact they are having on the safety of their fellow employees. Help them to do the best job possible.
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Yours in Service,

John Drebinger