ISHN Guest BlogOne of the best ways to make your point is by using humor.

As you know, you will more likely listen to a creative and fun airline safety announcement than the same old tired message.

For years, I have been sharing the message that people need to use the handrail whenever they are using the stairs. They need to avoid carrying armloads of materials for many reasons; it blocks their view, it throws them off balance, and they are unable to lightly hold the handrail while using the stairs.

In researching staircase safety, I discovered the dollar loss from falls on stairs is second only to automobile crash injuries!

In order to help you spread the word on staircase safety, I have produced a special video for you to show at your next safety meeting or you may include the link in any newsletter or email you send out. It is fashioned after the many April Fools web pages and videos that show up this time of year.

This video is timeless as it refers to the new regulation going into effect "next month." Whenever you send the link to someone or play it at a later meeting it will still apply. So please, pass it on!

To check out the video go to either of the following URL's - one is our regular URL and the second is a shortened one if you wish to share this on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or with your friends.

Please Help Me Make This Safety Message Go Viral!
Share the link with as many people as possible. Send it to your email lists, post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and anywhere else you interact with others.

If you wish to share this with friends and employees, just cut and paste the text below into your email. Also, this newsletter serves as authorization to show the video publicly as long as it is unaltered. Thank you for your help with this project and have a safe April Fools Day in a couple of weeks.

We have recently been informed of a new government safety standard that will go into effect next month. Please go to the following link to hear the announcement.

Have fun with this and be on the watch for more fun videos I will be producing in the weeks ahead.
Until next week,
I'll be "Watching Out For Everyone's Safety™"