Detcon gas detectorsDetcon, an IST company, is pleased to announce that its wired CX and wireless CXT Series gas detectors have received ATEX Approval for Zone 1, potentially explosive atmospheres. Model CX and CXT detectors are available in two sensor technologies; infrared (IR) for monitoring combustible hydrocarbons, and electrochemical (DM) for monitoring toxic gases and oxygen.

CX and CXT gas detectors are a key component of the popular Site Sentinel System - a stand-alone or wireless gas detection system that offers quick deployment for semi-permanent and temporary gas monitoring applications. These "environmentally bulletproof" gas detectors are designed for use in heavy industrial environments and include an electro-polished 316 stainless steel housing with fully encapsulated electronics and dual layer surge protection. These details in design virtually eliminate the threat of outside damage to internal components due to water ingress, corrosion, vibration and transient spikes.

Power to the wireless CXT gas detector is supplied by disposable or rechargeable battery options that provide up to nine months of  continuous operation on a single charge and indefinite run times with solar power options.

Industrial Safety Technologies (IST) is committed to providing innovative safety solutions through its team of dedicated and experienced flame and gas detection companies. Together, Detcon, Simtronics, Oldham, and Gas Measurement Instruments (GMI) manufacture the most comprehensive wireless, portable, and fixed flame and gas detection safety solutions.

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