2014To help kick through the clutter and get down to what matters, Workrite Uniform present its "Top 10 Work Safety Resolutions" for the New Year.

Put safety first
Follow safety procedures and always wear flame-resistant (FR) clothing, and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Perform your hazard assessment
Knowing the potential hazards of your industry allows you to use the proper FR clothing and other PPE.

Conduct safety briefings before performing hazardous work
Safety briefings help to assure that safety protocols are followed.

Zip up, roll down and tuck in all fr clothing
Get the full protection provided by FR clothing.

Never wear synthetic layers under fr clothing
Synthetic fabrics can melt onto skin and cause severe burn injuries.

Make sure you have the proper fit
Properly fitting FR clothing and other PPE makes it more effective.

Wear your hard hat
It protects one of the most important parts of your body.

Wear your safety glasses
Your eyes are irreplaceable.

Use hearing protection
Loud noise may not have an immediate impact, but in time, it can cause major damage and hearing loss.

Wear fall restraints when elevated
Falls are one of the most common injuries, and fall restraints greatly minimize that risk of injury.

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