OSHA Enforcement ActivityOSHA in December, 2014, cited Republic Metals Inc. in Cleveland for 19 alleged serious health and safety violations, including exposure to lead and copper fumes. The proposed penalties are $42,800, the administration said in a news release Thursday, Dec. 18.

The investigation on Aug. 4 was sparked by a complaint of “alleged unsafe work conditions,” according to the release.

OSHA said it found employees were exposed to higher than allowed levels of lead and copper fumes in an eight-hour period. The company also lacked engineering controls to limit exposure, failed to train workers about exposure hazards and didn’t monitor overexposure or post warnings in areas of overexposure, the release stated. In addition, it noted that the company did not provide properly fitted respirators or train employees in the use of that type of protection.

“Lead is a leading cause of workplace illness and a common health hazard. Lead particles can travel from work sites on clothing and materials, which endangers workers’ and families’ lives,” Howard Eberts, OSHA’s area director in Cleveland, said in the release. “Republic Metals failed to protect employees from known dangers in its manufacturing process, and this must stop.”