Vendor NewsSafeTec Compliance Systems, a leading provider of chemical management solutions, announced today that the company will be adding (M)SDS authoring services to its existing portfolio of software and services. Combining the company’s expertise and existing market-leading solutions, the new authoring line of business will provide environmental, health and safety professionals much needed support during and after the domestic transition to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

Betty Hicks, one of the world’s foremost (M)SDS authoring experts and SafeTec’s Director of Operations, will be leading the charge. Betty brings more than 20 years experience in chemical management and (M)SDS authoring, having previously built and led a successful global authoring enterprise. “We are so incredibly fortunate to have Betty on our team,” said Jim Frohlich, President and CEO at SafeTec, “she brings a wealth of chemical knowledge along with a proven track record, giving us the right mix of leadership and core competencies to meet and exceed the needs of the most demanding global organizations.”

SafeTec will be offering what is known as Co-Authoring, a service-based approach to tailored (M)SDS authoring. With growing adoption of GHS driving demand at a global scale, SafeTec’s Co-Authoring services provide scalable, service-level support for completing high-quality, globally compliant SDS documents, agnostic of a specific software application. SafeTec has recently been hiring for senior-level Authors to support this line of business.

“Based on our market research, we don’t anticipate all chemical manufacturers will have their SDS libraries completely updated by June 1 of this year, per OSHA’s revised Hazard Communication Standard,” said Betty Hicks, Director of Operations at SafeTec. “There are significant downstream considerations that will continue to push cyclical demand for SDS authoring throughout the upcoming years during this transition. With departmental cuts, on top of growing demands, more pressure is being put on EH&S professionals to do more with less. We see Co-Authoring as a way for SafeTec to provide needed support with a cost-effective, scalable model that supports their business needs.”

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