PIP is pleased to announce additions to its FR Work Apparel clothing line. What is Flame Resistant apparel? Flame resistant apparel meets specific ASTM standards that deem the fabric flame resistant for wearing apparel. Flame resistant fabrics and garments provide protection against clothing ignition, sustained flame spread and do not melt or drip. The material resists ignition, self-extinguishes and the FR properties last for the wearable life of the garment.

For dual hazard protection against flash fire and arc flash, PIP’s new items include an 8 Cal Dual-Certified 7oz Button Down Work shirt, 16 Cal  Dual-Certified Jeans in Carpenter and Relaxed style  and  8 Cal Dual Certified Coverall with breakaway zipper and multiple pockets. All garments are UL certified to NFPA 2112-2012 and meet the performance requirements of NFPA 70E.

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