PIPPIP’s Bouton Optical continues to expand its already impressive line of eye protection products with its new eyewear featuring the Reaction Goggle, Fortis™ II, and Zenon Z12F Foam.

The Reaction Google features a slim design that works with head protection and is engineered to withstand drastic temperature changes without fogging. This is due to its dual lens system which is designed to provide the ultimate anti-fog protection for any work environment.

Bouton Optical’s Fortis™ II is a performance goggle that provides form fitting comfort and superior all day protection. Indirect ventilation and both elastic and neoprene headband options are available. This light weight (94g) goggle is perfect for any liquid splash or industrial application.

Additionally the Zenon Z12F Foam takes the industry’s #1 style frame, combined with foam padding to keep dust and airborne particles. It is available in clear, grey, indoor/outdoor anti-fog lenses to meet the lighting needs in any work environment. The Z12F provides value in construction and industrial applications where eye injuries from airborne particles are a major concern.

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