electric shock warning signAfter a worker was killed in September, 2014 by electrocution at Seldat Distribution Inc. in Dayton, N.J., OSHA investigators found 10 serious violations at the warehouse.

The fatality was caused by an improperly wired, powered conveyer system.

"Electrical hazards are one of the most common issues impacting workers, and the dangers involved are hardly a secret to employers. This was a preventable tragedy," said Patricia Jones, director of OSHA's Avenel Area Office.

Violations included:

  • Improper installation and use of listed equipment,
  • Wiring not protected from abrasions,
  • Not closing unused openings in electrical panels,
  • Using flexible cords and cables in lieu of fixed wiring, and
  • No strain relief for cords and cables

Additionally, OSHA inspectors identified inappropriately narrow, blocked exit routes; obstructed aisles and passageways; unmounted fire extinguishers whose locations were not properly marked; and unstable storage of materials and products.

Proposed penalties: $63,000.