PPEAs manufacturers of safety products specifically designed for workers in the roughest and toughest applications, our #1 goal is always to prevent injuries and get folks home safe and sound. However, when there is an opportunity to design and develop products that not only protect workers but is also something they actually want to wear, well, that’s when magic happens.

In no category is this more important than eye protection. Glasses are highly personal purchases. Worker’s faces come in all shapes and sizes - what works for one often won’t work for another. When it comes to traditional safety glasses, not only are they typically a “one spectacle fits all”, they are also unattractive, uncomfortable, and very limited in optical performance. Sounds like something you’d want to wear, huh? Like all PPE, safety glasses only work when worn. The AOA estimates that in three of the five workplace eye injuries, workers were not wearing eye protection!

Enter Ergodyne’s new of Skullerz® Eye Protection line. Military inspired, workplace required, always desired. Designed by Ergodyne and built to exacting workplace safety standards, this new line of seven patented styles are available in a variety of colors and lens options. All 124 unique choices comply with both the ANSI Z87.1+ High Velocity Impact standard and well as MIL-PRF 34242 Ballistic Impact Fragmentation requirements for spectacles, providing over 4x the impact protection required by the ANSI workplace standard. The offering features premium optical options like three glare-busting polarized choices and inherent Fog-Off™ Anti-Fog technology that won’t wash or wear off.  A variety of functional accessories such as removable foam gasket inserts reduce debris instruction, and eyewear lanyards to prevent dropping are also available.