televisionIn a first for the world’s oldest professional safety society and the safety profession, the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) has released an online public service announcement promoting women’s occupational safety and health in honor of Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10.

The Mother’s Day PSA, which runs nearly 90 seconds, features ASSE President Patricia Ennis, CSP, ARM, and CRIS delivering a message that encourages mothers to take the necessary steps to avoid workplace injuries as a significant way of maintaining their important role in a sound family setting.

“We’re our children’s first line of protection in life no matter what we do for a living; that’s why it’s so important for mothers to make safe workplace choices for ourselves and for our families,” Ennis says in the announcement. She tells viewers, “Each year more than 300,000 women suffer work-related illnesses or injuries—and hundreds more lose their lives.”

The public service announcement is being shared with ASSE’s 37,000 members, women advocacy groups and workplace safety organizations requesting that they share the message with their audiences through Mother’s Day.