optrel weldcap Bump Capoptrel, the global innovator of autodarkening filter technology for welding helmets, offers welders and metal fabricators who require basic head protection a new alternative with the weldcap bump cap. This new model incorporates a bump cap installed inside of the optrel weldcap.

“At times, welders need a little extra head protection when they weld,” said Renee S. Bessette, Vice President of Marketing and Operations for Optrel Inc. “The new weldcap Bump Cap provides that extra level of protection, and also maintains additional stability and comfort on the head.”

The optrel weldcap combines the lightweight wear comfort and fit of a baseball cap with the full protection of an autodarkening welding helmet. It features a specially designed lens with a nose-cut out that brings the lens closer to the eyes, increasing the field of vision by 2.7 times. weldcap’s lightweight, sleek profile also makes it ideal for welders working in confined spaces. It also accommodates half-mask respirators underneath the weldcap. 

The new weldcap bump cap model comes fully assembled with a bump cap installed in the cap and also as a replacement textile and bump cap kit that can be used with an existing weldcap mask. 

“We made the weldcap bump cap compatible with the existing weldcap,” said Bessette. “Anyone with their own weldcap can easily convert to the bump cap with their weldcap ADF mask.”

weldcap bump cap darkens from shade levels 3/9-12, covering the majority of welding applications. It is also ideal for grinding when set to shade level 3.

weldcap bump cap retails for USD $229.00, and is now available through welding and personal protective equipment distributors in the United States and Canada, and through optrel’s new web shop www.optrel.com/usa.

About Optrel Inc.

Optrel Inc. is the global innovator of auto-darkening filter technology for welding helmets. Focused on worker safety, health, and productivity, optrel helmets and protective shields are used by welders and metalworkers worldwide who rely on smart technology to get the job done. optrel is headquartered in Wattwil, Switzerland, and maintains its North American operations in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. For more information, visit www.optrel.com/usa or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/OptrelUSA.