Crown Matting TechnologiesCrown Matting Technologies’ Comfort-King™ Anti-Static mats are specially designed to discharge static to help protect people and electronic components from damage. The mats are designed for use in dry, light- to medium-duty work areas such as computer work stations, laboratories, cashier areas, finishing and assembly stations, and more.

The Comfort-King Anti-Static mats are cord-grounded for maximum static dissipation.

Plus they are made with our patented Zedlan™ sponge, which increases comfort and reduces the strain and fatigue that comes after standing for extended periods of time.

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About Crown Matting Technologies 

Crown Matting Technologies has set the standard in the commercial and industrial matting industry for more than 70 years.  The company is well-known for its invention of Zedlan™ Foam, a patented foam technology found in Crown’s industrial line of matting products.  Today, Crown has the most diverse entrance and anti-fatigue matting product lines in the industry. The company provides matting for a wide variety of market segments, from offices and schools to hotels and industrial locations.