AutomationDirectAutomationDirect has expanded their offering of safety products to include additional Dold safety relay modules designed to be positively driven and assure a reliable opening and closing for safety applications. Relays are controlled by a built-in monitoring function, making them ideal for applications with e-stops, safety gates and light curtains.

The Dold safety relay mat and edge module is a 24 VDC safety mat switch with manual or automatic start which can also be used for safety edges. Priced at $125.00, the module features two normally-open contacts, line fault detection at the ON pushbutton, and LED indicators.

The LG5928 dual-channel safety relay with delay ($185.00) is designed to protect people and machines in applications with e-stop buttons and safety gates. Module features include: one or two-channel connection, two normally-open instantaneous positive-guided safety contacts, one normally-open time delay positive-guided safety contact, LED indicators, short response time and more.

The LG7927 and LG7928 extension modules ($122.00) provide additional contacts for emergency-stop modules and safety gate monitors. The extension modules feature safe timing circuits, adjustable time delay, on-delayed/released delayed options, LED indicators and more.

The UG6929 safety relay extension module ($105.00) provides safety contact multiplication with up to five normally-open contacts and one normally-closed contact for feedback signals. With redundant and forcibly-guided contacts, this two-channel module makes control with safety semiconductor outputs (light curtains, e-stop) possible.

The UG6961 module is a dual-channel emergency stop with adjustable delay. It features line fault detection, manual or automatic restart, cross fault monitoring and two normally-open selectable positive-guided safety contacts and one normally-open time delay monitoring contact.

The UG6960 series dual-channel safety modules ($235.00) are designed to protect people and machines in applications with e-stop buttons and safety gates and in applications with light curtains. The modules feature forcibly-guided output contacts, pluggable terminal blocks and four normally-open outputs; various delay functions, such as release delay, on delay and release delay retriggerable are settable via potentiometer.

Designed to provide protection for people and machines in applications with various safety devices, the UG6970 safety relay ($240.00) features two independent, separately adjustable safety functions. This one device provides two safety functions at one time; the UG6980 adjustable relay ($155.00) providing a single safety function is also available.

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