When considering the imminent winter weather, safety and health managers know they have their work cut out for them. Have you considered all the necessary scenarios this winter could bring with it?

Managers must rely on strategic planning to protect budgets and supply from the uncontrollable inclement weather. Sixty-two percent of workers feel their workplace is unprepared for snow and ice – preparation is key. Considerations include:

  • Exterior lighting, ice melt and snow removal tools.
  • Entry way maintenance from ice and snow tracks, including signage for hazardous conditions
  • Buying tools and products early can ensure cost savings and greater choice while supply levels are high.

Employers are equally responsible for the human capital within their office. Plans must be communicated with everyone in the office on the steps to take when winter weather strikes. Considerations include:

A proper plan is put in place for snow cancellations. Thirty percent of office workers say they receive last-minute notice, or no notice at all of office considerations. Employees should know they can stay safe at home and skip a treacherous commute.

Work from home policies will ensure that productivity does not stumble to a halt. Determining what business is critical, no matter the weather can help to prioritize the important tasks.

Educate your staff on the various challenges and risks inherent on continuing business in inclement weather. No document is worth employee safety.

Source: Bob Risk, Senior Strategic Safety Manager for Staples Facility Solutions.