A look back at ISHN magazine’s cover stories for 2015 shows the hot topics and pressing priorities for safety professionals.

How to protect your workers from freezing temps, snow, sleet, rain & wind

Dan O'Brien, CSP

December, 2015

When I was a kid I threw newspapers in the Texas Panhandle. Winters were cold, but the wind turned the cold into torturous conditions.


Industrial hygiene practices are often overlooked on oil and gas fields

 Dave Johnson

November, 2015

A 57-year-old trucker with five children was found by fellow oil workers slumped over dead next to a tank hatch at an oil well near Ardmore, Okla., on March 20, 2014


How to integrate safety with fast and innovative competition

 Dave Johnson

October, 2015

It’s 2015 and this is not your father’s or mother’s workplace.

Secure tools & gear when working at heights

Nate Bohmbach

September, 2015

In its simplest form, an object at any height isn’t the issue—it’s controlling that object so it doesn’t add to the risks already apparent


Emergency eyewash options

Bottom line: flushing must be a 10-second walk from hazards

David Lapp

August, 2015

Emergency eyewash equipment is required anywhere concentrated corrosives (acids or bases), cleaners, disinfectants or other chemicals or substances that could injure the eyes are present.


Your guide to safety’s Top Training Companies

July, 2015

To keep the focus on specialized training companies and associations, we did not include college-degree programs offered by universities.


Blood, sweat & fears on the Bakken oil field

The crucible of modern safety practices is in North Dakota

 Dave Johnson

June, 2015

A Georgia handyman arrived in North Dakota three years ago.


Sensor technology: The revolution will be wearable

 Dave Johnson

May, 2015

The future of wearable sensor technologies “may help revolutionize the practice of industrial hygiene and safety evaluation,” writes NIOSH Director Dr. John Howard in a recent NIOSH blog.


Lockout/Tagout and machine guarding

Wesley J. Maertz

April, 2015

Most safety professionals know OSHA standards as stand-alone requirements.


Make lockout-tagout a functional competency

Todd Grover

April, 2015

I know when I visit a company with a great lockout program because, when needed, it happens effortlessly.


Exclusive profile: Construction Industry Safety & health

The “Fatal Four” – Falls, Struck by object (contact), Caught-in/between (contact), Electrocution

Dave Johnson

March, 2015

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Injury, Illness & Fatality Statistics


The best fit: glove options change with the seasons

Julie Mcfater

February, 2015

When it comes to gloves, it’s tempting to stick with what works and keep using the styles you are accustomed to, especially when it “fits like a glove” as they say.


Industrial hygiene monitoring survey 2015

ISHN’s survey shows practices mix tradition with new technologies

 Dave Johnson

January, 2015

ISHN’s exclusive study of gas detection practices in industry, based on an email survey of subscribers, shows the vast majority of companies (84 percent) use industrial hygiene monitoring methods.