A new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that 78 people died on the job in New York City last year – a whopping 22% increase from 2013.

News sources report that safety advocates are blaming that number on OSHA being under-resourced and unable to carry out effective enforcement.

“Regardless of industry, there isn’t enough enforcement of our health and safety laws,” said Nadia Marin-Molina, a safety and health specialist at the New York Committee for Occupational Safety.

The construction industry had the most on-the-job fatalities – 22, up from 17 in 2013.

From the BLS report:

  • There were 12 workplace suicides, 11 homicides and 2 deaths from unspecified workplace violence
  • 20 deaths from falls, slips or trips
  • 8 fatalities resulting from contact with heavy objects or machinery
  • 7 from exposure to toxic substances
  • 4 from fires and explosions

2014 victims were

  • mostly men (71)
  • ages 55 to 64 years old (22)
  • Hispanic (32)
  • White (28)
  • Asian (10)