Seadrfit Operations, the second largest Dow facility in Texas, covers 4,700 acres, employs 1,200 people and operates as one manufacturing complex with eight production plants. The plastics and specialty chemicals produced at the site are used in a variety of consumer products for everyday application. Dow is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees in every aspect of its operations. 

Employees at the Dow Seadrift site face a host of safety hazards every day. Contractors partner with Dow safety techs to go into the field and observe everyday job tasks and communicate their findings on how to improve safety protocols, policies and procedures. This collaborative, hands-on approach means contractors are able to measure the effectiveness of their own safety protocols in action, while operating in conjunction with the host client’s safety policies on an ongoing basis.

To promote and emphasize the importance of the safety program, Dow started a monthly Traveling CAST Trophy. CAST stands for Contractors Alliance Safety Team and the USA security managers at the Seadrift site are members. The trophy is presented each month to the contractor whose employees have stepped-up and met the criteria of the CAST Organization.

In October, USA Security Associates received the Traveling CAST Trophy for the month of September and was recognized for their efforts in maintaining safety at the site. In November, Erik Fruits, national account manager for USA and John McCracken, USA area VP of Houston, celebrated the teams’ efforts towards maintaining and improving safety compliance by hosting a pizza party at the team’s monthly safety meeting.

U.S. Security Associates (USA) took over operations at the Dow Seadrift Texas Branch in March of 2015. Since its tenure, the security company has secured 148 accident-free days as of November 23, 2015. Prior to appointing USA as their security contractor, Dow Seadrift stipulated, at the relationship outset, the security company be involved in their safety program at the site.

Alton Harvey, senior vice president of U.S Security Associates’ National Accounts Division commented, “U. S. Security Associates, as one of the largest security companies in the world, recognizes that on-site safety is dramatically improved though collaborative partnerships with clients and other contractors.