Predictive Solutions has released a new white paper, “Saving Lives at Work: The Who, What, Where, Why and How of Using Predictive Analytics in Workplace Safety.” 

The white paper explores how a range of business functions have been using predictive analytics to answer challenging business questions and drive better results. It explains how safety functions are also now using predictive analytics to predict and prevent workplace injuries. With safety predictive models built by Predictive Solutions, customers are able to predict with accuracy rates as high as 97%.

From this white paper, readers will learn:

  • Who is employing predictive analytics in safety
  • Why companies are employing predictive analytics in safety
  • What predictive analytics is as applied to safety
  • How predictive analytics is applied in safety programs
  • Where safety prediction is headed in the future

To download the white paper, visit For safety functions interested in using predictive analytics without having to invest in another safety software system, request more information on Safety Analytics Services from Predictive Solutions.